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How To Prevent Corona Virus

There are several ways of transmitting the corona virus that people need to know as an anticipatory step. The following corona virus transmission that needs attention: Via airway droplets, such as cough and clean Personal close contact, for example touching or shaking hands Touching an object or surface that has a virus and continue touching the mouth, nose, or eyes before washing hands Feces contamination Corona virus has many transmission routes. Some infections are strong and fast. Corona virus transmission from feces can indeed occur. Someone who comes in contact with feces when defecating and does not wash hands thoroughly is known to transmit the virus. Virus in the hand can spread to other people or landed first on inanimate objects. Therefore, it is recommended that anyone to be diligent in washing their hands in anticipation of corona virus transmission. In addition, he advised people to always maintain personal hygiene and not to consume raw food or drinks.
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