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Diet Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot at 32 years old, Miss Israel 2014 with 178 cm body height, need to add more 6 kg muscle mass for portraiting Wonder Woman. How she doing it?

More and more water
Keep hydrate, since drink so much water, prevent her snacking and keep energize during work out.

Work out combintation
To get lean body and muscle like Wonder Woman, Gadot do boxing and other martial arts. Gadot also doing weight training combine with TRX.

No sweet snack at nightari. Her favorit fresh vegetables like tomato, cherry, celeri and bread with avocado. On her instagram, she often post her favorite snacks, fresh strawberry and tomato.

2 Minute Effective
In 2 minute, she doing 30 seconds push-up, 30 seconds plank. Repeat the routine four times. This routine good for lean your arm.

What On Her Plate
Low fat protein combine with vegetables. Bad nutrition and bad sleep habbit will decrease your training effectivess about 30%.

And sure enough, Gadot avoid canned food, she always have fresh product like …
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He might be 54, but his newly muscular torso in The Gunman movie is unbelievable. Penn plays sniper Jim Terrier, a mercenary assassin forced into hiding when the target sights are honed on him by a Congo hit squad. To convincingly portray a trained killer, Penn used a combination of compound, functional weight training moves to pack on lean muscle without compromising agility, and armed himself with the lethal hand-to-hand combat skills of krav maga.

Below, fitness expert Niko Algieri has devised the workout that would get you into Jim Terrier’s enviable shape.

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Exercises Chest:Push ups This is a good exercise to build your upper body with. It works your pectorals, triceps, and anterior deltoid. For this exercise work up to high rep range and then add weight.

Say someone could only do 12 body weight push-ups, well then they shouldn't add weight and work on getting the rep ranges up. Then start to add weight gradually with some standing next to you pushing down on your back (lightly or hard depending on strength).

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